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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/14/2019CertifiedLABELLE ELEM SCHOOL - 0123Apply
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (TASB) (441E) [218]11/14/2019CertifiedSPECIAL STUDENT SERVICES - 0018Apply
Teacher, HS Chemistry (114)[188]11/14/2019CertifiedNORTH COBB HIGH SCHOOL - 0505Apply
Teacher, MG Gifted Science 6th Grade (106)[188]11/14/2019CertifiedDANIELL MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0308Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/14/2019CertifiedMABLETON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0190Apply
Teacher, MG English Language Arts 7th Grade (107)[188] PART-TIME11/13/2019CertifiedPALMER MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0327Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/13/2019CertifiedSTILL ELEM SCHOOL - 0146Apply
Teacher, High School - JROTC (115)[238]11/13/2019CertifiedCAMPBELL HIGH SCHOOL - 0517Apply
Teacher, MG Gifted Science 8th Grade (108)[188]11/13/2019CertifiedMCCLURE MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0328Apply
Teacher, Elementary School 2nd Grade (102)[188]11/13/2019CertifiedBAKER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0156Apply
Speech Language Pathologist (480B)[188]11/13/2019CertifiedSPECIAL STUDENT SERVICES - 0018Apply
Teacher, MG Art (120)[188]11/12/2019CertifiedGARRETT MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0312Apply
Teacher, MG Science 6th-8th Grade (106/107/108)[188]11/12/2019CertifiedLINDLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0325Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/12/2019CertifiedDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0161Apply
Teacher, Elementary School 1st Grade (101)[188]11/11/2019CertifiedCLARKDALE ELEM SCHOOL - 0192Apply
Teacher, MG Math (113)[188]11/11/2019CertifiedFLOYD MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0309Apply
Teacher, HS Biology (114)[188]11/11/2019CertifiedKENNESAW MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL - 0518Apply
Supply Teacher, Elementary Dual Language Spanish Immersion(100)[188]11/11/2019CertifiedSMYRNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0191Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16)11/11/2019CertifiedVARNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0163Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16)11/11/2019CertifiedVARNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0163Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16)11/11/2019CertifiedNORTON PARK ELEM SCHOOL - 0134Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/10/2019CertifiedRIVERSIDE INTERMEDIATE - 0177Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/09/2019CertifiedVAUGHAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0168Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/09/2019CertifiedBIRNEY ELEM SCHOOL - 0144Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/09/2019CertifiedKINCAID ELEM SCHOOL - 0143Apply
Teacher, MG English Language Arts 6th Grade(106)[188]11/07/2019CertifiedGARRETT MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0312Apply
Teacher, HS Math (114) [188]11/07/2019CertifiedHARRISON HIGH SCHOOL - 0516Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/07/2019CertifiedNICHOLSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0162Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/07/2019CertifiedNICHOLSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0162Apply
Teacher, Elementary Special Education General Curriculum IRR (171)[188]11/06/2019CertifiedVARNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0163Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/06/2019CertifiedAUSTELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0183Apply
Teacher, HS ESOL (144A) [188] PART-TIME11/06/2019CertifiedCOBB HORIZON HIGH SCHOOL - 0455Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16)11/06/2019CertifiedDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0161Apply
Teacher, MG Math (113)[188]11/05/2019CertifiedDODGEN MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0314Apply
Teacher, Elementary School 3rd Grade (103)[188]11/05/2019CertifiedSMYRNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0191Apply
IWC Student Advisor (144X) [238]11/04/2019CertifiedESOL AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE- 0020Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16)11/04/2019CertifiedGREEN ACRES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0170Apply
Tutor, (Math) Certified (TUT2)11/03/2019CertifiedAWTREY MIDDLE SCHOOL - 0307Apply
Teacher, ESOL (144A) [188]11/02/2019CertifiedESOL AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE- 0020Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)11/02/2019CertifiedPITNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0181Apply
Teacher, HS Spanish (114)[188]11/01/2019CertifiedSOUTH COBB HIGH SCHOOL - 0503Apply
Tutor, Certified (TUT2)10/31/2019CertifiedGREEN ACRES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 0170Apply
Teacher, HS Math (114) [188]10/29/2019CertifiedCAMPBELL HIGH SCHOOL - 0517Apply
Teacher, HS ESOL (144A) [188]10/28/2019CertifiedCAMPBELL HIGH SCHOOL - 0517Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)10/28/2019CertifiedSEDALIA PARK ELEM SCHOOL - 0125Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)10/28/2019CertifiedCOMPTON ELEM SCHOOL - 0141Apply
Tutor, Title I (TM16) - Private Schools10/24/2019CertifiedCOMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & TITLE I - 0024Apply
Tutor, Certified (TUT2)10/23/2019CertifiedRIVERSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL - 0182Apply
Tutor, Extended Day/20 Day Funds(TUT3)10/22/2019CertifiedSHALLOWFORD FALLS ELEMENTARY - 0160Apply
Special Education Program Support Specialist (475C) [198]10/21/2019CertifiedSPECIAL STUDENT SERVICES - 0018Apply