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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the questions below before contacting the District about your application. Questions are grouped into categories to help you find information quickly.

Question Categories
Q:Can I save my incomplete application and return to complete it later?A:Yes. You may log out of your application at any time and return later. When you are ready to complete your application, enter your username and password and you will be allowed to continue your application if the job posting is still open.Back to TopQ:How do I apply for a job?A:Once you find a job you would like to apply for, click on the title of the job (e.g. "Maintenance Technician"). Next, you will review a description of the job and click "Apply for This Position." At this point, you will need to either login to an existing account you have already created or create a new account. To create a new account, click on "Create A New Account and Apply." Then answer the on-screen questions to create an account. You must complete all required fields and click "Save and Submit" at the end of the application. When your application is successfully submitted, you will receive a Confirmation Number. You can use this confirmation number to reference a specific application.Back to TopQ:How do I check the status of my application?A:Login to your account and then click on the "Application Status" tab. If you have already applied for a job it will be listed under the "Current Applications" section. If you want to view additional details about
the job you applied for click the "Job Title" of the job you are wanting to view. Jobs that are closed or filled can be viewed under the section "Application for Closed or Filled Jobs." The "Status" field will let you know if a job has been filled or if it's still open for candidates to apply.
Back to TopQ:I've updated my profile and it's still showing my old information when I view a PDF of my application. Is there a way to view my updated application?A:You can’t make changes to your application after you have submitted it. You can make changes to your profile, but these changes don't update your application. Human Resources is aware that applications can't be updated and will check applicants' profiles for additional information.Back to TopQ:What happens if I withdraw my application?A:If you withdraw your application from a position the district will no longer consider you for that position. If you withdraw by mistake, please contact the district at 770-590-4568 and they can re-activate your application.Back to TopQ:How do I update my application?A:You can’t update your application after you have submitted it. You can update your profile. Here are instructions for updating your profile:
1) Login into your account
2) Click the Profile tab
3) Click "Update Profile"
Back to TopQ:I'm no longer an employee of the district. How do I remove the transfer page when I'm applying?A:To remove the transfer page from your application:
1) Login to your account
2) Click the Profile tab
3) Click "Account Settings"
4) Click the link that states "I'm not a current employee"

Back to TopQ:How do I update my application?A:You can’t update your application after you have submitted it. You can update your profile. Here are instructions for updating your profile:
1) Login into your account
2) Click the Profile tab
3) Click "Update Profile"

Back to TopQ:Is my application complete?A:If you have completed the following tasks then you have successfully submitted your application for review.
1) Enter your complete work history.
2) Explain any gaps in your work history (e.g. "Stay at home parent" or "Student").
3) You must submit three professional references. One of the three references must be your current or most recent supervisor.

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Q:What types of files do you accept for Resume, Cover Letter, Letters of Reference etc?A:All files attached to your application must be in .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, or .doc format. If you need to upload an image or scan, you must convert it to pdf or place it into a Word doc file.Back to TopQ:Can I upload more attachments?A:You are currently limited to a maximum of six (6) upload documents. These will carry over to other applications if you apply for more than one job.Back to TopQ:Can I upload a separate group of attachments for each job posting to which I apply?A:Currently, there is no way to upload different attachments for different job postings. If you
overwrite your current attachments with new ones then the old versions will no longer be viewable by
the district.
Back to TopQ:Can I upload different cover letters for each job posting to which I apply?A:Yes. Instead of uploading the document, you will copy and paste your cover letter in the "Letter of Interest" section of the applicationBack to TopQ:How do I view and verify my attachments?A:To view and verify your attachments:
1) Login to your account
2) Click the "Application Status" tab
3) Click the red "PDF" icon next to your most recently submitted application
4) Scroll down to the "Attachment" section
5) You can click each attachment's title to download and view it
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Q:Is this a secure website, and is my data secure?A:Yes. All data transfers use 128-bit or 256-bit encryption depending on your computer's capabilities. This is the same type of encryption used for most online banking transactions.Back to TopQ:I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve it?A:From the main job listings page, click the link "I Forgot My Password." Enter your email address into the box and your information will be sent to that email address. If you no longer remember or have access to the email address you set up your account with, please call 1-866-389-1245 option 1 then option 3.Back to TopQ:How do I apply to jobs as an internal applicant?A:To apply to jobs as an internal applicant, you must currently be employed by the district to which you are applying. There are two ways to create an internal account. Some districts have an “Internal” button enabled at the top right of the screen which will take you through the process of creating an internal account. If you have already created an account and would like to change it to internal, select the “Account Settings” option at the top of the screen after you have logged in. On the right side of the page there is an “Account Type” section. Here you can change your external account to internal by selecting “I am a current employee.”Back to TopQ:How do I view internal job postings?A:To view internal job postings, login with an internal account. The internal postings will appear under the job listings with all of the external postings.Back to TopQ:How do I transfer my Recruit & Hire account from one district to another?A:Here are the steps to transferring your TalentEd-Recruit and Hire account from your current school district to Cobb County School District:
1) Click "Apply" beside the job listing you want to apply for.
2) In the "Apply Now" section click "Apply for this position."
3) Login under "I want to transfer my account." Use the login information for the account you are wanting to transfer.
4) Once your account is located, select your account.
Back to TopQ:Can I combine multiple Recruit & Hire accounts with different districts?A:Unfortunately, you are currently not able to combine multiple accounts.Back to TopQ:How can I be alerted of new jobs that are posted?A:Here is how you can sign up for job alerts:
1) On the main "Job Listings" site, click " Sign Up for Job alerts" under the "Menu" section.
2) Enter the email address where you want the job alerts to be sent.
Back to TopQ:How do I change the email address and password linked to my account?A:To change your email address or password, login to your account and go to "Account Settings."Back to TopQ:If I transfer my account from my current district to Cobb County School District, will I lose my account information from my current district?A:No, information from your current school district will remain the same.Back to TopQ:How do I contact someone in Human Resources?A:For Employment Questions related to Administration positions: 770-426-3342

For all other Employment Questions: 770-426-3342

For Tech Support (Not related to passwords or usernames): 770-590-4568

Back to TopQ:Will I be contacted for a job interview?A:Applicants are first reviewed based on their qualifications. If the applicant meets all qualifications, they are then referred to the principal or hiring manager. The principal or hiring manager then reviews the list of candidates and chooses the candidates who are the most qualified to interview. Due to the high volume of qualified applicants, not everyone will be granted an interview.Back to TopQ:I submitted an application, but have not yet heard back. Who should I contact?A:Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond personally to all applicants. Should your qualification match our staffing needs, we will contact you directly. You can continue to check the status of your application on the "Application Status" tab in TalentEd.Back to TopQ:How do I become certified for school or central office administration?A:The Georgia Professional Standards Commission is the licensing agency for the State of Georgia. To become an administrator in a public school in Georgia, an Educational Leadership certificate (license) is required. The Georgia Professional Standard Commission’s website is Please access the website to acquire detailed information regarding certification requirements. Check Rules and Regulations under the certification drop down menu. Cobb County accepts applications from candidates who hold or are eligible (completed all requirements, passed all tests by date of employment) for a professional, renewable certificate in Georgia or another state.Back to TopQ:How can I confirm that my references have completed and returned the electronic reference forms?A:To check your references:
1) Login to your applicant account.
2) Click the "References" tab.
3) If there is a "Yes" in the "Returned" column, the reference has been completed. If there is no "Yes," the reference has not been completed.

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